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Boris Blacher
1903 - 1975
China | Germany
B. Blacher
Boris Blacher (06/01/1903 - 30/01/1975) was born in China (from Niu-chang) but returned to Germany, working as a composer and teacher in Berlin and later in Dresden, a career interrupted by the intervention of National Socialism, but resumed in 1945.
He was one of the central figures in Berlin musical life after the 2nd World War. Important as a composer of vivid stage and orchestral works and as a teacher. Music noted for its colourful French-inspired instrumentation and its irreverence towards Austro-German tradition. Experimented with 'variable metrics' in works like Piano Concerto No.2, where serial procedures are applied to metrical units. Many stageworks based on classic texts including ballets Hamlet, Lysistrata, Der Mohr von Venedig and Tristan. Paganini Variations is a repertoire piece in German orchestral world and has been recently recorded by Solti. Blacher's pupils included Klebe, Einem, Erbse, Burt, Reimann, Yun and Klaus Huber.
Composed in:1958
Requiem for soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra.
When Blacher died in Berlin in 1975 he left a legacy of over twenty major theatre works, over forty orchestral works, a dozen choral works including the fine oratorio Der Grossenquisitor of 1947 as well as an impressive Requiem of 1958, premiered in 1959 by Solti, many songs and chamber music of rare quality.