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Valentin Silvestrov
1937 -
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V. Silvestrov
Valentin Silvestrov (30/09/1937), a Ukrainian pianist and composer.
Valentin Silvestrov: education: At Kiev Conservatory (from 1958-1964; composition under B. Liatoshinsky, harmony and counterpoint under L. Revutsky). Principal works: Six symphonies, poems for piano and orchestra, miscellaneous pieces for (chamber) orchestra, two string quartets, piano quintet, three piano sonatas, piano pieces, chamber music, vocal music (cantatas, songs, etc.). Style: In Silvestrov's music of the 1960s diatonics and chromatics compete with atonality. Silvestrov tries to integrate all musical systems (toal, atonal, aleatoric and neoclassic). The basis for this integration is drama. His music is basically lyric. Emotional and compositiontechnical antipodes are integrated in an organic way. Since 1970s he uses stylistic synthesis, incorporation of both avant-garde and traditional tonal and modal techniques.
Requiem for Larissa
Composed in:1999
Musical form:free
In memory of:the composer's wife Larissa Bondarenko
Label(s):ECM New Series 1778
ECM 472 112-2
BR Klassik 900344
Requiem for Larissa (1997-99) for mixed choir and orchestra. It contains:
01. Largo
02. Adagio Moderato Allegro
03. Largo Allegro moderato
04. Largo
05. Andante Moderato
06. Largo
07. Allegro moderato

♫ 01. Largo
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 02. Adagio Moderato Allegro
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 03. Largo Allegro moderato
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 04. Largo
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 05. Andante Moderato
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 06. Largo
BR Klassik 900344

♫ 07. Allegro moderato
BR Klassik 900344
Written in memory of the composer's wife, the female composer and musicologist Larissa Bondarenko ( 1996), who died unexpected in a hospital in Kiev. The text was taken from tyhe Latin mass for the dead and a poem The dream by the 19th century Ukrainian poet Tars Shevchenko, in which he says goodbye to the world.
Author:Herman Ram
Contributor:Iain C. Phillips