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Mario Silvani
1884 - 1913
M. Silvani
Mario Silvani (01/09/1884 - 20/05/1913), an Italian composer, born in Parma. Mario Silvani attended the gymnasium before he studied at the Conservatory in Parma. He graduate in 1908 and he was passionate about music and he wrote the symphonic poem "Monna Vanna" "based on the work of Maeterlink. But he also wrote a novel, short stories, comedies and poems before his early death in 1913 of a typhus infection.
Source:http://biblioteche2.comune.parma.it/dm/2013.htm and https://androom.home.xs4all.nl/biography/p076019.htm
Messa da requiem
Musical form:mass
No details available.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis