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Michael Schneider
1964 -
M. Schneider
Michael Schneider (06/09/1964), a Swiss composer. He was a student of Edison Denisov and member of the "Groupe Lacroix".
Im innersten Winter
Composed in:1999
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Andreas Neeser
This Im innersten Winter (requiem) is for voice, bassclarinet and guitar. Minimal music accentuates 8 poems about life and death. After a text of Andreas Neeser (1964), a Swiss writer.
Im innersten Winter (requiem) (1999) for orator, bass clarinet and guitar. Texts by Andreas Neeser. Economically used filigree sounds and gestures by both instruments accentuate eight poems on death and transience. Duration: 14'00"
Andreas Neeser