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Otto Schneider
1912 - 1991
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O. Schneider
Otto Schneider (19/06/1912 - 01/04/1991) an Austrian composer, music educator and musicologist. Born in Markt Piesting; died in Wiener Neustadt).
Letztes Requiem (Atomic-Requiem)
Composed in:1985
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Josef Neubauer
Letztes Requiem (Atomic-Requiem): for voice, mixed choir and organ, composed in 1985. Date: November 8, 1985 Sheet 5r: "The work was premiered on May 26, 1986 in the Augustinian Church. Conductor: Prof. Friedrich Wolf, organ: Koloseus Church Choir of the Augustinian Church. The performance was suggested by Mr. Komm. Rat Hans P. Wertitsch. The text was written by Mr Dr. Josef Neubauer. Otto Schneider"