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Jouko Linjama
1934 - 2022
J. Linjama
Jouko Sakari [Jouko] Linjama (04/02/1934 - 12/01/2022), born in Kirvu, Finland (now Russia). His education: Sibelius Academy, church music department final examination 1960; University of Helsinki, BA 1962 (musicology and literature); Sibelius Academy: composition studies 1957-1962 (Aarre Merikanto, Joonas Kokkonen); Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Cologne 1962-1964 (Bernd-Alois Zimmermann, Gottfried Michael Koenig); Kölner Schule für Neue Musik, Cologne, autumn 1963 (Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Henri Pousseur); Darmstadt, summer 1963.
Appointments: music critic of the journal Kansan Uutiset 1957-1960; organist of the St. Henry catholic parish in Helsinki 1958-1960; cantor-organist of the Nummi and Pusula parishes 1960-1962; teacher of theoretical subjects at the Sibelius Academy 1964-1969; cantor-organist of the Tuusula parish 1964-1997.
Suomalainen sielunmessu opus 100a
Composed in:1996
Musical form:mass
Suomalainen sielunmessu (Finnish Mass for the Dead). Commissioned by Tuusula parish (1996).
Suomalainen requiem opus 100b
Composed in:1998
Text/libretto:Bible verses translated into Finnish by Mikael Agricola
Suomalainen requiem; translated: Finnish requiem for solo soprano, solo bass, mixed choir and organ. Duration: 30'. Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Text from the Bible translated into Finnish by Mikael Agricola.
It contains:
01. Introitus
02. Kyrie-litania
03. Graduale
04. Tractus
05. Dies irae
06. Offertorium
07. Sanctus
08. Agnus Dei