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William Linley
1771 - 1835
Great Britain, England
W. Linley
William Linley (02/1771 - 06/05/1835), an English author and composer, born in Bath, died in London. William Linley was one of 7 musical siblings born to Thomas Linley the elder and his wife Mary Johnson. He joined the British East India Company and was in India 1790-5 and 1800-5, holding a writership at their College in Madras. He retired from the company in 1810 and devoted himself to singing, composing glees and songs and writing literature. He bequeathed his collection of family portraits to Dulwich Picture Gallery.
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1816
In memory of:Samuel Webbe
This Requiem was written in memory of the English composer Samuel Webbe (1740 - 25/05/1816).
S. Webbe