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Crato Butner
1616 - 1679
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C. Bütner
Crato Bütner -also Bythner- (1616 - 1679), a German composer, bron in Sonneberg (Thüringen); since 1650 organist at St. Salvator in Danzig and became in 1652 Cantor of the school and church of St. Katharinen in Danzig. Because of his cooperation with Georg Neumark's Lustwäldchen and Johann Franck's Geistlichem Sion became Bütner famous as a song composer. His works: Geistlichen Konzerte, Hamburg 1651; Psalm 147, Danzig 1661; Te Deum (l2 voices.), ebd. 1662; songs, in: Georg Neumark, Lustwäldchen, 1652 / 1657, and Johann Franck, Geistlichen Sion, 1674.
Author:Friedrich Wilhelm Bautz
Composed in:1655c
Non-liturgical but related to the requiem mass are the numerous so-called "German Requiems" and other compositions bearing in some form the title "Requiem". Composers such as Schütz, Praetorius, Thomas Selle, Michael Haydn, Schubert, J.I. Müller, C. Bütner, J.F. Fasch and Brahms contributed to this category. These "German Requiems" may derive their texts from the Lutheran Bible, as Brahms's did, of from a variety of Protestant liturgical sources and ceremonies.
Author:James W. Pruett
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians