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Pēteris Butāns
1942 -
P. Butāns
Pēteris Butāns (22/08/1942), a Latvian composer; born in Daugavpils. He has gained diplomas in two music specialties. In 1960, after finishing the Daugavpils College of Music, he enrolled in the Latvian State Conservatoryís Choir Conductor program, where, under the tutelage of Imants Kokars, he completed his studies in 1965. Many years later, he enrolled in the Latvian Academy of Musicís Composition program, and he graduated in 1990 (studying with Pēteris Plakidis).
Libera, me, Domine
Musical form:motet
Lux aeterna
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004
Musical form:oratorium
Lux aeterna (2004), Oratorio for mixed choir and instrumental ensemble.