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Donald Ibrahim Swann
1923 - 1994
Great Britain, Wales
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D.I. Swann
Donald Swann (30/09/1923 - 23/03/1994), a Welsh composer of Russian origin, born in Llanelli (Wales). He composed a lot of songs together with Michael Flanders (1922 - 1975), an old schoolfriend and writer / poet.
Requiem for the living
Composed in:1970
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Cecil Day Lewis
Label(s):Plant Life Records 1984
Requiem for the living (1970), written by Cecil Day Lewis & Donald Swann for piano, speaker, solo mezzo-soprano or baritone, percussion, cimbalom, and SATB choir. Duration 35 minutes. C. Day Lewis' poem was first published in THE GATE in 1962. This highly original re-interpretation of the Requiem Mass is a vivid plea for men to abolish nuclear weapons and to respect the beauty of the world, which they threaten to destroy. Cecil Day Lewis (1904 - 1972) was one of the leading British poets of the 1930s. The Requiem contains:
- Requiem
- Kyrie eleison
- Dies irae
- Offertorium
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei
- Lux aeterna
- Responsorium
C. Day Lewis