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Milos Stedron (sr.)
1942 -
Czech Republic
M. Stedron (sr.)
Milos Stedron (sr.) (09/02/1942), a Czech composer, born in Brno. He is the composer of many dozens of scores for stage and film productions and is one of the most sought-after musicians in this field.
His son Milos Stendron (jr.) (1973) is a composer too. Some compositions are the result of their cooperation (e.g. Vanitas (Proverbia dicteria)).
Requiem zingarorum
Musical form:free
Label(s):Supraphon SU 3505-2 931
Requiem for woman's voice and ensemble. It contains:
- Cantica 1530 1'57
- De len devla quasi paduana 0'42
- Kyrie 0'39
- Ritornello 0'31
- Sanctus 1'31
- Cantica 0'58