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Johann Schmelzer von Ehrenruff
1623 - 1680
J.H. Schmelzer
Johann Heinrich [Johann] Schmelzer von Ehrenruff -also: Schmeltzer, Schmelzer von Ehrenruef- (ca.1623 - 30/06/1680), an Austrian composer, born in Vienna, who was Kapellmeister at the Imperial Court of Vienna. He is one of the most interesting composers before Bach. He wrote large numbers of sonatas, symphonies and ballets for a colourful variety of instruments. It is not known who gave him his musical training or when he arrived in Vienna, but he began his service at the court chapel there (probably as a violinist) in 1635-36. On October 1, 1649 he officially became a violinist in the court orchestra. He was appointed Vice-Kapellmeister at the imperial court on April 13, 1671; on November 24, 1679 he became Kapellmeister. Schmelzer was influential in the development of the suite, and his Sonatae unarum fidium (1664) is the earliest publication in the German speaking countries to contain exclusively sonatas for violin and continuo.
Source:http://www.grainger.de and http://www.hoasm.org
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis (picture)
Composed in:1679
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Ferdinand III
Label(s):ACD HN 017-2
Schmelzer's Requiem was reprinted in: WEAM - Wiener Edition Alter Musik Musik des 17. Jahrhunderts in wissenschaftlich-kritischen Ausgaben herausgegeben von Rudolf Hofstöter und Ingomar Rainer in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität für Musik & Darstellende Kunst, Vienna.
Band IX: Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Requiem, 1679
Schmelzer's Requiem contains:
01. Requiem aeternam, Kyrie eleison (7'12)
02. Sanctus, Osanna, Benedictus (3'45)
03. Agnus Dei (3'55)
Source:booklet of cd ACD HN 017-2

♫ 01. Requiem aeternam, Kyrie eleison
© Aliud Records ACD HN 017-2

♫ 02. Sanctus, Osanna, Benedictus
© Aliud Records ACD HN 017-2

♫ 03. Agnus Dei
© Aliud Records ACD HN 017-2
Ferdinand III (13/07/1608 – 02/03/1657) was Holy Roman Emperor February 15, 1637 – 1657. King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, King of the Romans.
Ferdinand III (dedicatee)