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Sven-David Sandstrom
1942 - 2019
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S.D. Sandstrom
Sven-David Sandstrom (30/10/1942 - 10/06/2019), a Swedish composer, born in Borensberg. Sven-David Sandström is a most prolific composer; his oeuvre encompasses some 200 works: chamber music, orchestral music, stage works, and vocal works.
De ur alla minnen fallna - Missa da requiem
Composed in:1979
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Tobias Berggren
In memory of:/ dedicated to: Beate Klarsfeld
Label(s):Caprice CAP 22027
Caprice CAP 2015 (LP)
Sandstrom's requiem mass, De ur alla minnen fallna - Missa da requiem (Mute the Bereaved Memories Speak, 1979) for soloists, chorus and orchestra met with a huge response when it was first performed in Sweden in 1982, not least on account of the poet Tobias Berggren's radical text. Tobias Berggren (1940) is a Swedish writer. Dedicated to Nazi-hunter Beate Klarsfeld (1939). Sandström has received the Nordic Council Award in 1984 for his Missa da requiem.
Author:Tony Lundman
Beate Klarsfeld