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Esteban de Salas y Castro
1725 - 1803
Cuba / Spain
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E. de Salas y Castro
Esteban de Salas y Castro (25/12/1725 - 14/07/1803), a Spanish composer, born in Havana (Cuba was founded in 1898). He wrote beautiful liturgical music. His compositions, however, did not contain, any native musical influence.
Requiem (2x)
Musical form:masses
Salas wrote another two more Requiem Masses (besides The Misa de réquiem).
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis
Misa de réquiem
Composed in:1775c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Duration:ca. 17'
Label(s):Milan Records 35808
Jade 36049
BMG 40179-2
Misa de réquiem is for 8 voices, choir, solists and orchestra. The requiem contains:
- Introito
- Kyrie
- Gradual
- Ofertorio
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei
- Comunion
A mass in fa, an extraordinary beauty, modern for its time, one of the first works of him, written in Santiago.
Author:Allejo Carpentier