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Marcos Portugal
1762 - 1830
M.A. Portugal
Marcos António [Marcos] da Fonseca Portugal (24/03/1762 - 07/02/1830), a Portuguese conductor and composer, born in Lisbon.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Officium and Missa pro defunctis
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1816
Musical form:officium&mass
Text/libretto:daily prayers, psalms, hymns, lectures, etc. + Latin mass
In memory of:queen Dona Maria I of Portugal
In March 20th 1816 died coincidently the Portuguese queen, Dona Maria the first, and Vitória Maria, José Mauricio Nunes Garcia's mother. The queen's death, in the Convent of Carmo, turned the city into mourn. The funeral carriage passed through many streets to the burial in the Convent of Ajuda. The people followed the carriage in silence. Her funeral was celebrated solemnly in the Royal Chapel, with a Requiem mass and an Officium for the dead composed and conducted by Marcos Portugal.
Maria I (1734-1816), the first Queen regnant of Portugal, was a daughter of Joseph I of Portugal (1714-1777) and Mariana of Spain (1718-1781).
Dona Maria I,
queen of Portugal