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Josef Schmidhuber
1914 - 1969
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J. Schmidhuber
Josef Schmidhuber (30/10/1914 - 18/01/1969) an Austrian composer, born and died in Innsbruck. The son of the choir director and composer Lorenz Richard Schmidhuber studied with Karl Koch and Rudolf Kattnigg at the Innsbruck Conservatory. In 1934 he became choir director at Wilten Abbey. During the Second World War he had to do military service from 1940. From 1945 to 1969 he was choir director at the Servitenkirche in Innsbruck.
Schmidhuber particularly created church music such as masses, offertories, a requiem and a tantum ergo, as well as songs, organ pieces, dances and brass music, including the Olympic fanfare for the 1964 Winter Olympics.
Requiem (2x)
Schmidhuber wrote more than one Requiem.