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Dieter Salbert
1932 - 2006
D. Salbert
Dieter Salbert (02/08/1932 - 06/07/2006) was a German composer. Born in Berlin, Salbert received piano lessons from 1938 and began early with improvisations on piano and accordion. After his Abitur in 1952 at the Humboldt-Gymnasium in Berlin-Tegel, he studied composition and piano at the Stern Conservatory and passed the final examination in composition in 1957.
Ich habe meine Seele schlafen gelegt - Ein Requiem
Composed in:1997
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:near-death experience reports; Love poetry from the time of the Pharaohs; Quotes from "Heliand" ; Poetry by Rahel Mann
Ich habe meine Seele schlafen gelegt Ein Requiem for Solos, mixed choir (SATB) and chamber orchestra.