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Robert Schwalm
1845 - 1912
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R. Schwalm
Robert Schwalm (06/12/1845 - 06/03/1912), a German composer. Born in Erfurt, died in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad). Schwalm also perhaps a use-name for Fritz Spindler? "Spindler, Franz (Robert Schwalm), Leichte Potpourris f. Pfte über beliebteste Opern u. Operetten. No. 1–92. ... Leipzig, Steingräber." (from HMB.) BNF suggests that the musicologist and arranger Robert Schwalm (see e.g. the arranger of Goldmark's 2nd symphony; and other works we don't have...) may have been a different person.
Requiem aeternam (Op.49) for four male voices. Printed: Leipzig, 1882.