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Johann Kilian Heller
1633 - 1674
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J.K. Heller
Johann Kilian Heller (1633 - 10/10/1674), a German composer, music editor and organist; born in Hammelburg, Lower Franconia, died in Wurzburg, Germany. He wrote Sacer concentus musicus, Mainz 1671, containing 5 masses, motets, psalms, etc.
Officium defunctorum
Composed in:1673c
Musical form:officium
Text/libretto:daily prayers, psalms, hymns, lectures, etc.
Heller's Officium Defunctorum was printed in Mainz around 1671 - 1673.
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis
Later in the 17th century numerous requiem settings, many in concertato style, were produced by composers including G.B. Bassani, G.A. Bernabei, Antonio Bertali (eight settings), Biber, Giovanni Cavaccio, Cavalli, Cazzati, Joan Cererols, G.P. Colonna, P.A. Fiocco (three settings), Santino Girelli, J.K. Heller, J.C. Kerll (two settings), A.V. Michna, Marcin Mielczewski, Alessandro Scarlatti, Johann Stadlmayer, Christoph Straus (two settings) and Viadana.
Author:Steven Chang-Lin Yu