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Wolfgang Junga
1959 -
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W. Junga
Wolfgang Junga (25/07/1959), a German composer. "Music is, even if not my profession, very important to me. Many of my "musical roots" lie - which may seem strange, but it is true - in the Middle Ages. I have always been impressed by the original improvisational polyphony of the minstrels, minnesang and early polyphony in their archaic and at the same time modern sound. Just like choral music of the Renaissance and Bach's work. I try to exploit and experience the beauty of music in four different forms: meditative, experimental, purely related to sound, in connection with language, with nature..."
Requiem für den Regenwald
Period:21st century
Composed in:2021
Musical form:free
The destruction of the forests of the earth is taking on incredible proportions. Also and especially the untouchable and mysterious rain whales of the tropics are victims. Their destruction is a not insignificant contribution to the "Extinction of Mankind" project. In many places, the rain forests have been destroyed or are full of holes like Swiss cheese. Connected primeval forest areas are disappearing. A requiem for her already makes sense. In this composition, words of the indigenous inhabitants and the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt and the resulting warnings are combined in a musical fusion. A motif based on the songs of the pygmy peoples on the Zaire River (former Congo) is also included.