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Sergey Samuilovich Berinsky
1946 - 1998
S.S. Berinsky
Sergey Samuilovich Berinsky (1946 - 1998) a Moldavian composer, born in the little Moldavian town of Novye Kaushany. His childhood and youth are connected with Donetsk (the Ukraine), where he graduated from a music school and college as violinist. There was a cultivated interest for literature in his family, there sounded various folk music - Jewish, Rumanian, Moldavian, Ukrainian. This atmosphere also inspired the composer's elder brother, the well-known poet and translator Lev Berinsky, who in his turn influenced the literary tastes of his younger brother.
Requiem to the memory of Janusz Korczak
Composed in:1979
In memory of:Janusz Korczak
Requiem (1979) for choir, soloists and orchestra to canonic texts, in memory of Janusz Korczak.