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Willem van Thienen
1859 - 1939
The Netherlands
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W. van Thienen
Willem van Thienen (26/12/1859 - 27/01/1939), a Dutch organist and composer, born in Padang, Indonesia, died in The Hague, Holland. He had in his time in Delft much fame. He had the status of "one of the musical tasters of the city. The Blind Thienen was involved in Stichting De Delver and led a number of choral societies: Perseverantia and Zanglust. He was also a music teacher, composer and music critic. The greatest fame, however, he and his main function, namely organist of the Oude Kerk. This task he fulfilled more than fifty consecutive years. Together with his brother, he also gave occasional concerts, for example in 1889 in the Walloon Church. These performances were highly appreciated by the audience. A critic could detect only a few discordant, probably due "to the too great zeal of the organ blower. His main finding was that many wished "that the concerts of Van Thienen less were less enjoying. Van Thienen lived at the end of the nineteenth century at the Rotterdamseweg 50.
Deutsches Requiem
Composed in:1932
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Kurt Erich Rotter
Deutsches Requiem (1932) for choir, soli ad lib. and organ. Texts by Kurt Erich Rotter (1907-1977), a German poet.
It contains:
01. Introitus und Kyrie
02. Dies irae und Domine Jesu
03. Offertorium
04. Sanctus und Benedictus
05. Agnus Dei und Libera
This Requiem was orchestrated by Piet van Amstel (1920 - 2003) in 1973.
K.E. Rotter