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József Soproni
1930 - 2021
J. Soproni
József Soproni (04/10/1930 - 24/04/2021) is a Hungarian composer. Between 1949 and 1956 Ferenc Liszt College of music; 1957-72 the Béla Bartók Music School; 1962: The Liszt Ferenc Academy of music; 1968: College of education associate professor and then Professor in 1974. In 1984: Vice-Rector; from 1988 to 1994: Rector of the University. He now is a professor emeritus.
Sinfonia da Requiem
Composed in:1987c
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:László Nagy
Sinfonia da Requiem "Symphony no. 3" for full orchestra, soprano and bass baritone solo and mixed chorus; to the poems "Carrying love" and "Chorus" by László Nagy (1925 - 1978), a Hungarian poet. (English translation by Jane Mansergh).
L. Nagy