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Scott Pender
1959 -
United States of America
N.S. Pender
Nicholas Scott [Scott] Pender (1959), an American composer. Scott Pender has written a wide variety of music, including work for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensemble (acoustic and electronic), solo voice, piano, organ, and music for theater, stage, and dance. His work has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, and has received critical acclaim, The Washington Post citing his “good ear for melody” and “keen sense for the dramatic,” and The Washington Times calling it “original, contemporary music of considerable grandeur and mystery.” Commissions include: Songs from Terezín (Annapolis Brass Quintet & Morgan State University), Music for Oedipus the King (Avalanche Theater Company), Solemn Overture (Annapolis Symphony Orchestra), Toccatina for four flutes (Powell Quartet), Vespers (the Jesuit Music Project), and TANGO: Ms. Jackson Dances for the World (Yvar Mikhashoff).
Composed in:1987
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem (1987) for: TTBB chorus, tenor solo, bass solo, 2 cornets, 3 horns, tuba, and 2 pianos; duration: 1 hour.
A complete setting of the Latin text, “Requiem” is scored for 4-part men’s chorus with solo voices, pianos, and an ensemble of similarly constituted (conical bore) brass instruments. It is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Hilda Rish Pender, an organist and pianist for whom music held special meaning. “Requiem” has garnered critical praise: “an original, accessible and moving setting of universally appealing words” (The Washington Times), and The Washington Post described the composer as having “a good ear for melody and a keen sense for the dramatic.” John Barry Talley, former music director at the U.S. Naval Academy, said: “This is compellingly beautiful music with well-defined, soaring melodies and full, lush harmonies.”
"Sanctus" from Requiem
Composed in:1990
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Lastin mass
“Sanctus” from Requiem (1990) for: SATB chorus and piano. Duration: 4 minutes. An arrangement for mixed chorus of the “Sanctus” from his 1987 Requiem.