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Antonio Coma
1560 - 1629
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A. Coma
Antonio Coma (1560 - 12/08/1629), an Italian composer, born at Cento, near Ferrara, he worked at non-musical occupations until, at the age of 29, he was appointed maestro di cappella at the church of San Biagio. He remained there until his death 40 years later. His last published music was the Sacrae Cantiones of 1614, which is recorded here in its entirety. Earlier he had published three other books of sacred music, including an Office of the Blessed Virgin, some Masses, and the psalms for Vespers. Apart from a single solo work and two instrumental pieces, the other 33 concertos in this book are set for two, three or four voices with organ. All are very brief except a Litany of the Blessed Virgin for three voices and a Stabat Mater for four voices (a piece placed at the end of the book). Nothing is known about Coma's musical training, yet he has skillfully grasped the common practice of sacred musical composition of his time. The influence of Viadana is evident.
Missa pro defunctis
Period:Late Renaissance
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
No details available.
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003