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Eugène Seidelmann
1806 - 1864
E. Seidelmann
Eugène Seidelmann (12/04/1806 - 31/07/1864), a German composer, born at Rengersdorf, near Glatz, Silesia, died at Breslau, a dramatic and church composer, went to Breslau in 1826, to study theology, assumed in 1828 the direction of the Akademische Gesangverein, and in 1830 became Kapellmeister of the theatre. Works : Virgiuie, given at Breslau, 1839 ; Das Fest zu Kenilworth, ib., 1843 ; Music to several dramas ; 2 masses, with orchestra ; Requiem ; Stabat Mater ; Offertories, and graduals ; Songs. His wife, Marie Dickmann (born at Elbiug, 1817), a dramatic singer, married him in 1841, and left the stage in 1845.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass