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Salvatore Sarmiento
1817 - 1869
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S. Sarmiento
Salvatore Sarmiento (1817 - 13/05/1869), an Italian composer, born, of Spanish parentage, at Palermo, died in Napoli, Italy. He was a dramatic composer, pupil at the Conservatorio, Naples, of Furno, Zingarelli, and Donizetti. He was in Paris 1852-53, and after his return to Naples was appointed in 1854 maestro di cappella to the king. Works Operas : Valeria, ossia la cieca, Naples, 1838 ; Alfonso d' Aragoua, ib., 1838 ; Holla, Eloisa, ib., 1841 ; II tramouto del sole, ib., 1842 ; Costauza d' Aragona, ib., 1843 ; Elmira, Parma, 1851 ; Guillery le trompette, Paris, 1852. Le tre ore dell' agonia, cantata ; Requiem ; Many masses, and other sacred compositions.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass