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Auguste Descarries
1896 - 1958
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J.E.A. Descarries
Joseph Ernest Auguste [Auguste] Descarries (26/11/1896 - 04/03/1958) a Canadian pianist, organist, teacher and composer, born in Lachine (Quebec). He gained recognition as a composer with his Rhapsodie canadienne for piano and orchestra, premiered in 1936 by Helmut Baerwald and the orchestra of the CSM and subsequently repeated in New York and in Montreal. He also wrote a Petite Symphonie, a string Octet, numerous works for piano including a Toccata (BMI Canada) and a Sonata, a Magnificat (BMI Canada), some masses for mixed choir and some art songs. He also left numerous harmonizations of carols and Canadian folksongs, and some church music. Classical in form and romantic in content, his works did not establish themselves in the repertoire despite sound craftmanship, often genuine inspiration, and sophisticated harmony.
Author:Guy Gallo
Messe de requiem
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass