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Frederick Charles Hay
1888 - 1945
F.Ch. Hay
Frederick Charles Hay (18/09/1888 - 18/07/1945), Swiss composer. Frederick Charles Hay, born on September 18, 1888 in Basel, died on July 18, 1945 in the Valais Alps; Youngest child of the Scots John Hay and Marie Louise née Willkomm, studied medicine for a few semesters before he decided to pursue a musical career in 1908 He was a student of Hans Huber in Basel, Ch. Widor in Paris and R. Fuchs and J. Schalk in Vienna. In 1912 he came to the Stadttheater Bern as a conductor, where he also directed the popular symphony and choral concerts. In 1920 he took over the management of the Société de Chant du Conservatoire in Geneva and performed with oratorios. At the same time, he led the university orchestra and gave lectures on music history at the university. In 1931 he was briefly head of the Orchester Radio Suisse Romande. This activity ended with a "crash". In autumn 1932 he conducted a Wagner season in London (Covent Garden). From 1934 to 1945 Hay worked as music director in Langnau. In addition to organ services at the church, his duties included the management of the orchestral association, as well as the management of the Langnau mixed choir, the male choir "Sängerbund" and the church choir. In addition, he was the district music director of the Upper Emmental District Choral Society Hay realized not only performances of sacred works such as Haydn's Creation, Mozart's Requiem, Handel's Messiah, but also operas, including "Der Apotheker" (Haydn), "Der Schauspieldirektor" (Mozart), "La serva padrona" (Pergolesi) and "Das Mädchen" by Elizondo "(Offenbach). The Lagnau Chamber Music Evenings, founded by Hay, celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2016 In addition to around 25 piano songs, solo chants with string quartet or orchestral accompaniment and concert instrumental music form the most extensive groups of works in Hay's compositional oeuvre. Of Hay's larger orchestral works, first of all is "Der Dom" - a symphonic suite for orchestra and female voices. For choir and orchestra, Hay presented a setting of the 121 Psalm and a "Berg Cantata" based on texts by Friedrich Nietzsche and Conrad Ferdinand Meyer. According to a review found in the estate, Hay provided the soundtrack for Switzerland's first sound film with the music for W. Seuthes and Wolfgang Zilzer's film "A Girl Dreams"
Composed in:1925c
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Conrad Ferdinand Meyer
Requiem in E flat major for Soprano and strings. The songtext is made by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825-1898), a Swiss writer.
C.F. Meyer