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Hans-Ferdinand Schaub
1880 - 1965
H.-F. Schaub
Hans-Ferdinand Schaub (22/09/1880 - 12/11/1965), a German composer; born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, died in Hanstedt, Hessen, Germany.
Following the wishes of his parents, the businessman Johann Christian Friedrich Schaub and the piano teacher Marie Wilhelmine Sprenkel (daughter of Ferdinand Sprenkel), Schaub studied from 1896 at the Hoch'schen Conservatory under Iwan Knorr (counterpoint, comp.), Fritz Bassermann (from left) , Heinrich Gelhaar (organ) and Johann Naret-Koning (from left) with the aim of becoming an orchestra musician. A preference for composing emerged, which led him to rethink his career choice. Due to his father's poor health, Schaub broke off his studies in 1901 and settled in Bingen as an organist and choir director for two years, where he composed a festival march dedicated to Ernst Ludwig von Hesse, which was premiered by Heinrich Sauer in Kreuznach in 1902 . He also trained further with Arnold →Mendelssohn in Darmstadt. For financial reasons, Schaub's wish to study composition with Engelbert →Humperdinck, whose children he later taught, was only realized in 1904 after two years of teaching at the Breslau Conservatory. Employment as editor of the German Musician-Zeitung (Berlin) and teacher at the Benda Conservatory in Berlin followed. Since 1916 (succeeding Max Löwengard) as the first music critic of the Hamburgische Korrespondent and teacher at the Voigt Conservatory there. The extent to which Schaub used his positions to spread National Socialist ideas still needs to be investigated. However, there is no doubt that his professional career benefited from the political course. In his memories of my sixtieth birthday (see sources) he said: “I am gratefully aware that my commitment to attention is inextricably linked to the Germany of Adolf Hitler.” Schaub was married to Margreth née for the second time in 1916 . Gins. There was no close relationship to the Frankfurt music teacher Simon Schaub.
Den Gefallenen. Eine Kantate.
Composed in:1940
Musical form:cantata
Den Gefallenen (The Fallen), Cantata for Soli, Choir and Orchestra. It isn't clear whether this is a genuine requiem, or just a memorial work.
Contributor:Arye Kendi