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Ido Shirom
1973 -
I. Shirom
Ido Shirom (24/11/1973), an Israelian composer, born in Jerusalem. He started to compose at the age of 8. At the same age he started to study piano with Mrs. Esther Narkis, who was then the Head of the Conservatory of Music affiliated with the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, Israel.
Ido graduated from the Music and Arts High School (affiliated with the Rubin Academy of Music). Ido started his academic studies in Composition Department of the Rubin Academy of Music in 1993. In 1995, he moved to the Department of Piano, wherein he studied with Prof. Benjamin Oren.
In 2000, he continued his academic studies in the Department of Musicology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In March 1996, Ido's piano composition titled “Sonata Fantasia in One Movement", was played by Sasha Toperich, during a concert tour of Mr. Toperich in several major cities in the USA and in Brazil. At the same month, Mr. Toperich played this work in a concert of the series "Youth at the Music Centre” in Jerusalem, Israel, that was broadcasted live on the Voice of Music in Israel. In December 1996, the “Cantus Choir” performed Ido’s composition for a-cappella, titled "Supplication" in a public concert in Jerusalem, Israel.
During 1997, Mr. Toperich played Ido Shirom's works for piano in yet another concert tour of his of several cities in the USA. The Pianist Ruth Rose played Ido's compositions in public concert in Amsterdam, Holland, in the same year. On Janurary 5, 1998, the pianist Aviram Reichert played Ido's work titled "Supplication" (1996). The concert took place in the Henry Crown Symphony Hall in Jeruasalem and was broadcasted live on the Voice of Music. In 2000, the pianist Oliver Deutch played Ido’s work, “Supplication”, in two public concerts in Hungary.
On Feb. 08, 2001, the Voice of Music, Israel Broadcasting Service, aired an hour-long special program on three young composers. The Israeli Radio broadcasted then three works that Ido composed, with introductory comments to each prepared by the composer. In May 28, 2004 two compositions composed by Ido were performed in the Abu-Gosh Festival: the "Song of grief" for string orchestra, played by the Ra'anana Symphonette, and "Lux aeterna" for choir and strings played by the Ra'anana Symphonette and the Tel-Aviv Chamber Choir, both under the baton of Michael Shani. The same two compositions were performed by the same performers in a season concert held at Kefar Shmariahu, Israel, on January 10, 2005.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:collected movements
Label(s):own release 2004
The cd Salvation contains several movements, which are seperately composed in a period of four years (1999 - 2003):
01. Crucifixus in A minor (2002), For Choir and Orchestra 5'25
02. Inferno in B-flat minor (2003), For Choir and Orchestra 5'30
03. Lacrimosa in D minor (1999), For Choir and Orchestra 6'10
04. Song of Grief in B minor (2003), For Strings Orchestra 5'25
05. Lux Aeterna in E-flat major (2001), For Choir and Strings 4'35
06. Clarinet Quintet in E major (2003), For Clarinet and String Quartet 4'08
07. Rex Tremendae in F minor (2000), For Female Choir and Strings 4'10
08. In Paradisum in F-sharp major (2001), For Choir and Strings 8'55
Contributor:Arye Kendi