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Elizabeth Raum-Hodges
1945 -
Germany / Canada
E. Raum-Hodges
Elizabeth Raum - Hodges (13/01/1945), a female German-Canadian composer, oboist, born in Berlin, naturalized Canadian 1985; B MUS and Performer's Certificate (Eastman School of Music, Rochester) 1966, M MUS (Regina) 1985, hon LHD (Mount Saint Vincent) 2004. Elizabeth Raum grew up in Boston, where she studied oboe and piano and did some composing. She studied oboe 1962-6 with Robert Sprenkle at the Eastman School of Music, then did freelance orchestral, operatic, ballet, and other work in Boston. She moved to Halifax in l968, and was principal oboist 1968-75 with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra and the Charlottetown Festival Orchestra.
Requiem for Wounded Knee
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English texts
Duration:ca. 19'
Requiem for Wounded Knee (2003) for 2 tubas, narrator, and piano; arr. with orchestra.