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Frédéric Pelletier
1870 - 1944
F. Pelletier
Frédéric ('Fred') Pelletier (Peltier) (01/05/1870 - 30/05/1944), a Canadian (from Montréal) choirmaster, critic, teacher, composer, physician; MD (Montreal) 1895, honorary D MUS (Montreal) 1937. He studied piano with his father, Romain-Octave Pelletier I, singing with Guillaume Couture, and harmony and counterpoint with Achille Fortier. He qualified as a doctor, but soon gave up his practice in favour of music and journalism. A graduate of the Military Academy in St- Jean, Que, he was a captain in the 65th regiment of the Mount Royal Fusiliers. In Montreal he was a reporter and municipal editor for several daily newspapers until 1914, when he ceased his journalistic career and became a civil servant at the City of Montreal. He was secretary of the municipal medical services, secretary of the Montreal department of health 1914-21, and librarian and publicist for the provincial department of health 1922-44.
Composed in:1919
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem Mass, Op.1, for three part male choir and organ. (Schola Cantorum, 1919).