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Ivan Sokolov
1960 -
I. Sokolov
Ivan Sokolov (29/08/1960), a Russian composer. He was born in Moscow in 1960, and graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in 1983, having studied composition with Professor N.N.Sidelnikov and piano with Professor L.Naumov. He then continued at the Conservatory with post-graduate work, completing his work in 1986. He subsequently taught at the Conservatory between 1988 and 1994. Since 1987, Mr. Sokolov has been a member of the Composers' Union of Russia, as well as the Association of Contemporary Music in Russia.
Mr. Sokolov is a regular participant in contemporary music festivals in Russia and abroad, including at the Alternativa, Moscow Autumn, Moscow Forum, and December Nights festivals. In all his works have been performed in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. He is the author of numerous chamber and symphonic works, and regular performs as a piano soloist. Mr. Sokolov has lived in Germany since 1994.
Requiem on the death of Madlen-cake
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003c
Text/libretto:Proust, Zakharov and Sokolov
The Friday night will be opened with a funeral. Vadim Zakharov will gave a mass for the sandcake Madeleine, which was shot on his order. The climax of the mass will be the requiem composed by Ivan Skolov and sung by Natalia Pschenitschikowa.
Texts by Marcel Proust (10/07/1871 - 18/11/1922), a French writer; Vadim Zakharov (1959), Russian artist, (born in Duschanbe, Georgia, USSR. He lives and works in Moscow and Koln) and Sokolov.
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M. Proust
V. Zakharov