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Joseph Stephens
1972 -
United States of America, TX
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J.G. Stephens
Joseph Gentry [Joseph] Stephens (18/07/1972), an American composer. He was born in San Angelo, Texas. Grew up in the city of Texarkana, Arkansas and began studying percussion in the public schools at the age of 10. After graduation, attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello where he met his wife, Leslie, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. Went on to attend the University of Northern Colorado and earned a Master of Music in Choral Conducting. Upon returning to Arkansas, taught one semester in a small community college and then went on to two different Methodist Church music positions. He is now the Director of Choral and Family Ministries at First United Methodist Church of Warren, Arkansas. The musical style of Stephens is very minimalistic in its presentation on the page. Dynamics and other usual markings are intentionally omitted so that each work can evolve in its interpretation.
Period:21st century
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass and Ingrid Showalter Swift
This a cappella Requiem for SATB choir contains:
01.Requiem aeternam
02.You Having Walked This Earth (text by Ingrid Showalter Swift)
03.The Jewel in the Lotus
Ingrid Showalter Swift was born in Charlottesville Virginia in 1963. She was raised in Roanoke Virginia among the Blue Ridge Mountains and wrote her first poetry at age 6. She then returned to Charlottesville to attend The University of Virginia. After moving to Boston, she studied at North Eastern University and the Museum of Fine Arts. She presently resides in Weston Massachusetts. She is a mother, a poet, a painter, an antique dealer and a shower singer. She is published in many anthologies, chap books, magazines and web sites and joyfully finished her first book of poetry “Thin as Parchment/ Red as Rubies”.