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Josif Marinkovic
1851 - 1931
J. Marinkovic
Josif Marinkovic (26/09/1851 - 13/05/1931), a Serbian composer. He was born in Vranjevo near Novi Becej in 1851, and died in Belgrade in 1931) was one of the most important Serbian composers of the nineteenth century. He was educated in Petrovaradin, Vrbas and Novi Sad. He received elementary musical education from Professor Dragutin Blazek at the Teachers' School in Sombor. Marinkovic studied music with Frantisek Skuherski at the Organ School in Prague from 1873 to 1881, and also stayed in Vienna for a short time (1886 - 1887) where he attended lectures by Eduard Hanslik at the University. He came to Belgrade in 1881 and stayed there until he died. Marinkovic. worked as a choir master and conductor (First Belgrade choral society, the "Obilic" academic singing society, the Serbian - Jewish choral society, the workers' choir and others) and composed continually, also working as a music teacher (at the Theological seminary, Teachers' school and the Second male Gymnasium). He was elected as associate member of the Serbian Royal Academy in 1907.
Marinkovic's creative work is formed of vocal compositions in the main. These are secular and sacred a cappella choral compositions, songs for soloists, and choral works with piano accompaniment. Of his sacred choral compositions, only the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and Requiem for mixed choir were published, while other works still remain in the composerís manuscript inheritance.
Author:Danica Petrovic, translated into English by Esther Polenezer
Musical form:an orthodox Serbian liturgy for the dead
Opelo is an orthodox Serbian liturgy for the dead.
Contributor:Henk Klein Haneveld