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Alois Schmid
1773 - 1842
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A. Schmid
Alois Schmid (1773 - 1842), a German composer, born in Bergatreute, died in Waldburg. Because of his musical talent Alois Schmid was admitted to the collegiate Wolfegg, a secular Augustinian monastery, which was both high school and music school. There he was taught the organ playing and composition. 1802 Schmid, who had embarked on a career as a Catholic priest, was Benefiziat. The Catholic Upper Swabia fell in 1806, the Protestant and the Kingdom of Württemberg in the secularisation of the collegiate and has been closed. Alois Schmid got the job of a chaplain in Wolfegg and began in 1810, composing for the church choir of the church a number of sacred works. From 1823 to 1825 he was pastor at the neighboring Rötenbach and then to 1842 in Waldenburg. From Schmid's compositions have been preserved about 15, including a Requiem and two Missa.
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
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