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Aleksandr Georgiyevich Popov
1957 -
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A.G. Popov
Alexander Popov (13/03/1957), a Russian composer, born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Have been studied composition since 1974. In 1980 graduated from Medicine Institute. In 1988 graduated from Leningrad Conservatory where he studied composition under Prof. A.Mnatsakanian. Now he is a member of Creative Association "SOUND WAYS", The most influence on his composer's genesis was made by meditative East music and Eupean Renaissance and Baroque music and also Armenian spiritual music. His works are includes symphonies, chamber-instrumental, vocal music which have been performed in Russia and abroad.
Composed in:1989
Requiem (1989) for soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, bass, prepared piano, metronome and instruments.