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Sylvano Bussotti
1931 -
Picture Picture
S. Bussotti
Sylvano Bussotti (01/10/1931), an Italian composer and painter, from Florence. He is a composer who employs high individualised graphic notation. See the picture below for his remarkable 'score' of The Rara Requiem.
The Rara requiem
Composed in:1969
Musical form:free
In memory of:/ dedicated to Romano Amidei
Label(s):Deutsche Grammophon DGG 2530 754
WWE 1CD 20221
The requiem is for voices and chamber orchestra (guitar, cello, piano, harp and percussion).
Author:Pier Luigi Basso
Romano Amidei is an Italian dancer.
Contributor:Herman Ram
Score of The
Rara Requiem