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Ross McLennan
c.1965 -
R. McLennan
Ross McLennan (c.1965) an Australian musicians and composer. He has a Master of Philosophy degree in musical composition from the University of Cambridge in England and a Bachelor of Music in composition from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia. His compositional work includes film and television soundtracks, music for docos, music for jingles and corporate videos, live sound installations, music for mixed media artforms and theatre, music for computer games, orchestral and chamber music and live improvisation to silent movies. Ross has also worked as a sound designer, music producer and lyricist. He is a fluent keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist and vocalist and has played and toured in groups like Hieronymous Bosch, The Daisies, 100 Acre Wood, Subotnik and many others. Ross has been invited to lecture in film music and sound, music technology and music composition at Griffith University, the Queensland University of Technology, the Southbank Institute of TAFE and QPIX. He is currently working as a freelance composer from his studio in Brisbane, Australia. Upcoming projects include a short animated film, a documentary in Papua New Guinea and a feature film from San Fransisco.
Kyrie & Requiem
Composed in:1987
Musical form:fragments
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Kyrie & Requiem is for choir.
Contributor:Staffan Thuringer
Composed in:1992
Requiem (graphic scores for voices).
Contributor:Staffan Thuringer