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Jaime Ferrer
1762 - 1824
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S. Ferrer
Padre Jaime Ferrer (10/08/1762 - 21/08/1824), a Spanish composer, born in is Cervera Del Maestre. Very little is known about the youth of Jaime Ferrer. He was born in 1762 in Cervera del Maestre, province of Castellion. He is a Spanish composer. In 1779 he joined by intercession of maestro di capilla Antonio Soler (1729-1783) de Monasterio San Lorenzo el Real de El Escorial where he was a pupil of the mentioned Soler. After Soler’s death, Jaime Ferrer succeeded his teacher as maestro di capilla at the Monasterio where he served in this post for 36 years. Ferrer was a prolific composer. Most of his compositions are preserved in the Biblioteca de Monasterio de San Lorenzo El Real de El Escorial de Madrid. Ferrer was responsible for copying a lot of works from his teacher Soler, which only do survive in copies by Ferrer. He passed away in 1824 in the mentioned Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo.
Author:Wim Goossens
Lessons for the dead
Musical form:motets
No details available.
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis
Misa de Requiem a 8
Composed in:1798
Musical form:Missa pro defunctis à 8 vocibus inaequalium
Text/libretto:Latin from the Missa pro Defunctis
As far we know and examined in the sources this Missa de Requiem consists out of the following traditional movements:
- Introito Requiem
- Gradual Requiem aeternam, in memoria
- Secuencia Dies Irae
- Offertorio Domine Jesus
- Sanctus Sanctus y Benedictus
- Agnus Dei Agnus Dei
- Communio Lux aeterna
This Misa de Requiem a 8 is set by Jaime Ferrer for double choir in coro spezzato style for SSAT (TpTpAT) coro I and SATB (TpATB) coro II with figured basso continuo.
From the gradual "Requiem aeternam" only the verse "In memoria aeterna" has been set to music.
For the “Dies Irae” only the first five verses are set in polyphonic style. That means in the performance of the Sequentia you could alternate with the verses in coro and some soloists could sing the other plainchant verses. The verse “Hostias” of the Offertorio has not been set polyphonically, also you can perform the belonging plainchant version.
The score of this Misa de Requiem a 8 consists out of the following parts:
1st chorus treble (6 f.), 1st chorus 2nd treble (6 f.), 1st chorus alto (6 f.), 1st chorus tenor (6 f.), 2nd chorus treble (4 f.), alto 2nd chorus (4 f.), tenor 2nd chorus (4 f.), bass 2nd chorus (4 f.), contrabaxo (4 f.), figured basso continuo (4 f.).
This Misa de Requiem a 8 can be found in the Archivo Musical del El Escorial Madrid no 38980 in the Catalogo del Archivo del Monasterio de San Lorenzo El Real de El Escorial page 292, no. 785 and in the Catalogo del Archivo II del Monasterio de San Lorenzo El Real de El Escorial page 151, no. 785.
Author:Wim Goossens