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René Staar
1951 -
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R. Staar
René Staar (30/05/1951), an Austrian composer, born in Graz. He studied in Stockholm, Helsinki and Wien. Student of Franz Samohyl.
Just an accident?
Composed in:1985
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Alan Levy
In memory of:Anton Webern and other victims of the absurd
Dedicated to: Gabrielle von Liechtenstein-Kesselstatt (1905 - 1999)
Full title: Just an accident? A requiem for Anton Webern and other victims of the absurd, opus 9 (first version: 1983, revised: 1985). A requiem for soprano, narrator; large orchestra (with combo): 3-3-3-saxophone alto-2 / 4-3-cornet-3-1 / 3 perc. / piano / strings: 14-12-9-8-6+solo (for the combo). The first version (chamber music) was made in 1983. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversity of the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, it was revised and performed again. Staar and Levy received the "Ernst Krenek-Award from the city of Vienna in 1986.
Anton Webern (1883-1945) was an Austrian composer and conductor. Alan Levy (1932 - 2004) was a writer, editor and teacher.
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A. Webern
A. Levy