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Hermann Gondlach
1894 - 1965
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H. Gondlach
Hermann Johann Josef [Hermann] Gondlach (09/10/1894 - 26/07/1965) a German choir conductor, teacher and composer of songs. Born in Heddernheim. He studied choral music at the Hoch Conservatory under Karl Kern. From 1919 to 1964 worked as a choir conductor and music teacher in Ffm. and the surrounding area. G. led the associations “Frohsinn 1835” in Oberrad, “Germania” in Königstein, the Ostheim Singers’ Association, the Eschersheim Singers’ Association, the Bergen Choral Association and “Sängerlust” in Nieder-Eschbach to great recognition as choirmaster. Composer of choral works, solo songs, piano and violin pieces. The song “Homesickness,” which G. composed while he was an English prisoner of war, during which he led a camp choir of over 90 men, became particularly well-known. Golden Badge of Honor from the Hessian Singers' Association.
In memory of:the victims of war
Requiem (Op.29): 'den Toten des Krieges' (for the victims of war), for 4 four-parted mixed choir. Printed: Trier, Kessler, 1952.
Source:Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek