Simon Newton
Posted on Sun, Jul 24th 2005 [ 12:31:55 GMT+1 ]
Did anyone know that the late great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt started to compose a requiem ? I have a recording of it. Can't find it anywhere in your listings.
Posted on Fri, Jun 17th 2005 [ 16:14:54 GMT+1 ]
help i am most anxious to hear Mors et Vita performed live and am willing to travel within europe, has anyone any info re forthcoming performances with the next twelve months.
Posted on Sun, Jun 5th 2005 [ 21:09:02 GMT+1 ]
This site is incredible, there is so much information. Mozart requiem is indeed the masterpiece of heavens, so much is the geniality of the one that inscribed its notes.
Ludovico Santos
Posted on Sat, Jun 4th 2005 [ 22:23:14 GMT+1 ]
What a great idea! I've supposed that I was the only person in the world that loves Requiem as a musical form but now I realized that there's a community of people with the same problem!
Janusz Witowski
Posted on Fri, May 27th 2005 [ 13:37:55 GMT+1 ]
Great site! I'm truly impressed! If I just may correct one small misprint: Krzysztof Penderecki was born in Debica (not Delica), 130 km east of Krakow. Congratulations! Best Wishes
Posted on Tue, May 24th 2005 [ 15:35:25 GMT+1 ]
Dear all, I'm so glad to find such a nice resource in the Internet. I fall in love for requiems since I first listened to the Mozart's one and had the opportunity to watch it live in Prague- 1998. It is simply astonishing piece of work. It brings me so much peace. Since then, I have been collecting CDs in this line. Please, don't hesitate to contact me in order to exchange information. Kind regards, ElisSANDRO Jordão 2:)
Laurence hughes
Posted on Sun, May 15th 2005 [ 22:21:49 GMT+1 ]
Hallo. Thanks for mentioning my Requiem on your site. I've been having a look through, and it's quite amazing how many works of this kind exist! There is indeed a strange fascination about the requiem genre, which I myself was very taken with ever since I heard Mozart's Requiem when I was about 11 - I'm glad someone has taken the trouble to make a website on this theme. Good luck with the site in the future.
dafydd bullock
Posted on Mon, May 9th 2005 [ 13:08:26 GMT+1 ]
just ... thanks for your interest and for putting me on your site .... DB
Boukje Thijs
Posted on Mon, Apr 18th 2005 [ 22:26:32 GMT+1 ]
Beste Kees, Mooi ziet de site eruit: niet te druk en wild! Wat ik me afvroeg: ga je nog de mogelijkheid bieden delen uit de requiems te laten horen? Dat als ik klik ik dan ook de muziek hoor? En hoe kwam je bij deze passie? Hartelijke groet, Boukje
Judith Thomas
Posted on Wed, Mar 30th 2005 [ 23:41:24 GMT+1 ]
We are performing the Durufle Requiem at our church on Apr 24, 2005 as a part of our Sacred Concert Series. This information has been an invaluable resource. Thank you and God's Blessings be with you, Judith Thomas