inge havenaar
Posted on Thu, Nov 22nd 2012 [ 11:18:44 GMT+1 ]
Every time again I think it wonderful to finf out more beuatiful requiems. In our town (Kapelle, Zeeland, NethIerlands) I heard the Messa pro defunctis of Francisco Valls (Spain). Their is a picture of him !! Are his three requiems on CD ??? Inge havenaar, 22-11-2012
Markos Jeropulos
Posted on Wed, Oct 24th 2012 [ 09:19:13 GMT+1 ]
Hello! This is fantastic site. But there is no sources. Please notice, that You must check the information from Music Dictionaries, biographies, e.c. Remember that You must give the information. You write thate Joseph Renner jr (1868-1934) wrote only 1 Requiem and his father Joseph Renner sr (1832-1895)wrote 2 Requiems. In Pazdirek you will find that Joseph Renner jr (1868-1934) wrote 5 Requiems: Op.4, Op.10, Op.13, Op.35 F major and finally Viertes Requiem Op.51.; Joseph Renner sr (1832-1895) wrote 3 Requiems: Op.13, Op.45, Op.49. Link to Pazdirek: Best regards, Markos Jeropulos Lodz Early Music Society, Poland
Franklin Stover
Posted on Sun, Oct 21st 2012 [ 19:03:46 GMT+1 ]
Wonderful site, but I don't see any of Leos Janacek's works listed such as the Glagolitic Mass or the Eternal Gospel.
Posted on Wed, Apr 4th 2012 [ 11:56:42 GMT+1 ]
The text of "Manus Tuae Domine" is from the Bible: Job 10:8-12. See the Tenth Chester book of Motets. A very interesting site.
Richard Haubrich, MD
Posted on Sun, Mar 18th 2012 [ 16:49:57 GMT+1 ]
Thanks for the complete and scholarly work on this site! I appreciate the great information.
George H.M.J. Mulders
Posted on Sun, Oct 30th 2011 [ 16:42:05 GMT+1 ]
See my comments in a personal mail about the worldpremičre of an Humanistic Requiem on 17 November in The Hague The Netherlands. Music by Joop Voorn and texts from German Poets. George
Eddie Roselea
Posted on Fri, Sep 23rd 2011 [ 05:56:20 GMT+1 ]
finaly i found the site where requiems rule I did not know there were so many Ive put it in my favs
James Ch. A. Chen
Posted on Mon, Sep 19th 2011 [ 11:02:37 GMT+1 ]
I found that Robert Schumann's Requiem Op. 148 is actually in D-flat major. Check a recent record by Rubens/Danz/Pregardien/Seidel/Speer/Deutsche Radio PO and Chamber Choir Saarbrucken/Grün.
Posted on Thu, Aug 18th 2011 [ 20:20:11 GMT+1 ]
Well, this is amasing!!! Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much! I'm just strating my PhD about requiem and now i don't need to spend a few months by collecting the same information...Thank you!!!
Marc Rochester
Posted on Mon, Jul 18th 2011 [ 06:14:09 GMT+1 ]
A fascinating and useful site which is like a dream come true for all us Requiemophiles! Well done.