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Hugo Kauder
1888 - 1972
Czech Republic | Austria
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H. Kauder
Hugo Kauder (09/06/1888 - 22/07/1972), a Czech - Austrian composer, violinist and pedagogue, from Tobitschau, Moravia. Hugo Kauder composed over 200 instrumental and over 100 vocal works, including ten concertos and concert pieces (two each for oboe, piano and violin, one each for cello, horn, and viola, and a double concerto for violin and viola), five symphonies, 19 string quartets, chamber music for many different combinations including 11 piano trios, 2 piano quartets, and variations for piano quintet, a large number of songs, and settings of poems by Dowson, Joyce, Swinburne, Goethe, Hebbel, Nietzsche, and Rudolf Pannwitz for vocal-instrumental ensembles, as well as an opera "Merlin" on a German text by Pannwitz. As a violinist, Hugo Kauder devoted considerable time to composing for the violin. A collection of violin solos called Geigenbuechlein (Violin Book)published in 1929 occupies a central position in his output, both as a practical application of his musical theories and as the musical substance subsequently used in a number of ensemble pieces for a variety of combinations. The Geigenbuechlein together with a more advanced collection titled Neues Geigenbuechlein (1931, unpublished), a collection of 10 easy duos for two violins, four sonatas for two violins and three sonatas for violin and viola constitute what he considered to be his violin school, and utilized with his students.
Composed in:1949
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
This requiem mass is for alto, chorus and orchestra.
Source:PropylaŽn - Welt der Musik - Die Komponisten
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis