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Henri Gagnebin
1886 - 1977
Belgium | Switzerland
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H. Gagnebin
Henri Gagnebin (13/03/1886 - 02/06/1977), a Swiss organist, writer on music and composer. He was born in Liège, Belgium. The University of Geneva bestowed a doctor's degree honoris causa on him.
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians and http://www.classicos.hpg.ig.com.br/index2.htm
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis (picture)
Requiem des vanités du monde
Composed in:1939
Requiem des vanités du monde, composed in 1938/1939, is for solo voices, chorus, organ and orchestra.
Source:Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis