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Laurentius Antonius 'Isfrid' Kayser
1712 - 1771
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L.A.I. Kayser
Isfrid Kayser (13/03/1712 - 01/03/1771), a German composer, from Türkheim an der Wertach. He was a monk of the Praemonstratenses at Marchtal, where he was also Kapellmeister. He was a composer of masses, psalms, and other church music, as well as 3 suites (Parthiae), opus 4, for harpsichord, mostly published at Augsburg between 1743 and 1754.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians and http://www.wellermusik.de/Musikgeschichte/KAYSER/kayser.html
De uno, vel. plur. defunctis
Composed in:1740c
Musical form:cantata
Cantata op.1 Nr.9 De uno, vel. plur. defunctis (1740?) in E flat, for alto, strings and basso continuo.