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Juan Antonio Garcia de Carrasquedo
1734 - 1812
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J.A. García de Carrasquedo
Juan Antonio García de Carrasquedo (02/1734 - 12/04/1812), a Spanish composer. He was born in Zaragoza, lived and worked in Santander since 1756. He is a nephew of Francisco García de Carrasquedo, "El Españoleto", one of the most famous and influential composers of his time. Juan served the cathedral of Santander the rest of his live, till his retirement in December 1784.
Oficio de difuntos
Musical form:officium
This Officium defunctorum is for four voices, with violins, flutes, horns and bass. Composed for the brotherhood of the Virgin of Pilar of the cathedral´s incumbents of Oviedo. An incumbent is a person with some rights and duties in the management of a Cathedral. They usually formed brotherhoods.