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Olli Koskelin
1955 -
O. Koskelin
Olli Koskelin (16/04/1955), a Finnish composer. He emerged as a Modernist in the early 1980s, but even some of his early works already show his attraction to traditional values of beauty. His music has since progressed towards a soft nuanced idiom sometimes described as Neo-Impressionism, with spectral harmonies and overtone series playing an important part.
Composed in:1990
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Pentti Saaritsa (in Finnish)
Label(s):cd by Polyteknikkojen kuoro
Lacrimosa is for male choir. Duration: 5'. Commissioned by the Polytech Choir. First performance: Polytech Choir, cond. Tapani Länsiö, Helsinki, May 13, 1991.
Olli Koskelin's Lacrimosa to words by Pentti Saaritsa (a Finnish composer, 1941) is an expression of concern and gigantic sorrow at the children in whose world a bullet has been or will at some time be let loose. The music matures gradually; a whisper becomes a voice and even proclaims before subsiding again.
P. Saaritsa